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GW: Alessio Exits Stage Right…

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Apr 27 2010

As of Friday (April 23rd) , Alessio Cavatore, has parted ways with Games Workshop.  This veteran member of the Design Studio has left notice on his Facebook page.

Alessio served Games Workshop for over 10 years, leaving his imprint on such works as:

-Warhammer 5th Edition
-Warmahher Fantasy 7th Edition
-Chaos Space Marines
-Chaos Daemons
And too many others to mention.

~This leaves the Studio with very few of the “Old Guard” remaining, Jervis being the most visible.  It will be interesting to see how this impacts the tone of products moving forward.  Alessio has apparently hopped over to River Horse.  Godspeed Mr. Cavatore.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments regarding Alessio’s work and departure here.

Author: Larry Vela
  • Wargames Gallery 4-25-10