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Hobby: Crater Making 101

2 Minute Read
Apr 26 2010

Hey guys, Col here to give you the run down on easy to make craters!
So many people have trouble making craters that aren’t dug into the table. I want to give you a technique you can use to make good looking craters without having to dig in! So lets take a look at the required materials

  • Foam wand
  • Pink insulation foam – .5″ thick
  • Styrene sheets (mine came from Best Buy, they throw out their dividers when they get old, ask for some!)
  • Perminent Marker
  • Blast Marker
  • Super glue
  • Basing Material

So lets get started!

Step 1
So I begin by tracing a blast marker on a piece of pink insulation foam. I’ve used the ordnance template here so this can be used as a Trygon hole or what not.

Step 2
Cut out the circle using your foam wand. Make sure to take your time and keep the edges fairly straight. This will help in later steps. Once you have your circle in hand cut out a cone from the center of the circle. This is why having a foam wand is important. After the center has been removed simply trim the sides at an angle an sand them smooth. You can then glue this to a piece of styrene sheet with super glue. The result should look something like this.

Step 3
At this point your carter should be taking shape. Simply cut around the crater with a pair of scissors and sand the sides flat. You’re now ready for some sand and paint!


~ So there you have it guys! Quick and easy. This crater took me about 15 minutes to make. The longest part was sanding it down smooth. You can pump these out fairly quickly and when you buy in bulk you can make a TON for fairly cheap. Hope you enjoyed! As always if you have any questions hit me up at [email protected] and be sure to stop by my blog First Rank, Second Rank.

Author: Guest Columnist
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