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WFB: 8th Edition Cover Sighted – UPDATED

Apr 18 2010

Now its as official as its going to ever be.  Check out the new Warhammer Fantasy cover, and little blurb from Games Workshop themselves.

Warhammer, the Game of Fantasy Battles will be released in July. The preparation for this date has been a time of great excitement here in the Studio as we have lavished detail, care and attention onto the rulebook and the fantastic Citadel miniatures range that it accompanies.

Now is the time to gather your regiments, paint your armies and prepare for a battle like never before. If you have a Warhammer army, dust it off and finish up those last few models. If you’ve always been tempted to collect a force there really has never been a better time to start! Warhammer is coming and it’s going to be great.

UPDATE: Here is a flyer from Games Day France.  Looks like July 10th is the date.

~Now the boxed set contents and rules changes rumor mill should get up and running in short order…

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