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40K NEWS: Witchhunters / Daemonhunters PDFs

May 27 2010

So a short one this Friday.  We have been hearing for a bit that Games Workshop will soon be releasing the Witchhunters and Daemonhunters codices as downloadablwe PDFs on the corporate website.

This has just been comfirmed in the latest White Dwarf.  No word on the contents other than that, so it could easily be the old existing ones that have been taken out of print for some time now.  They are not online as of right now, but look sharp folks.

~This is a not unheard of event, as the Catachan codex had the same thing happen to it when it went out of print.  Most likely this is just Games Workshop wanting to keep a working set of rules in fromt of the playerbase to ensure there is SOME way to use the currently available minis line.  The more interesting question is what do you guys think about the whole downloadable rules question as a whole?  Smart business decision, or given the choice do you really prefer the feel of nicely printed materials in your hands?

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