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40K RUMORS: Grey Knights Coming Soon?

May 5 2010

Here’s the latest word in the whipsaw next 40k codex rumormill:  Grey Knights are next, with the Dark Eldar being bumped to Q1 2011.  More after the Jump…

So everyone and their brother has been taling about Grey Knights and the Dark Eldar, with conflicting talk on both sides regarding which is first.  There are now credible sources on BOTH sides of the fence, but the latest word is up above.

Contributing factors to a Grey Knight release could be:

-The much rumored Stormraven kit not ready in time for the Blood Angels is said to be ready to fly later this year, and striking while the iron is still hot from the Blood Angels release would make such a hefty kit a powerful seller.

-Several Grey Knight and Daemonhunter product codes (including Grey Knight Terminators and Inquisitors) have been pulled very recently, in a move broadly expected to foretell of an updated model range.

In general, both products are said to be “in the can” by the time fall rolls around, so it was just a matter of Games Workshop making the call of who goes first.  It is said that that call has just been rolled out.

More as we get it.  As to whether the Grey Knight codex focusses exclusively on them, or covers other Inqisition assets is unknown at this time.

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