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40K SNEAK PEEK: New Leman Russ Sprue (UPDATED pics)

May 8 2010

Look what’s been making the rounds.  This is a sprue pic of the new Leman Russ from the Spearhead release due out next month in June.  Take a good look at that sprue, because there are new options on that baby!
top pic via scottywan82

It looks like the new Leman Russ kit gives you the bits to build the following:

Leman Russ
LR Eradicator
LR Vanquisher
LR Exterminator

There are also multiple sponson options including a plasmacannons, and multimeltas.

~It would appear that between this updated kit, and the Demolisher kit, all variants in the IG codex are now covered.  I would expect these to be quite popular.  Have at it.

  • Wargames Gallery 5-06-10