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FFG Video Battle Report: Horus Heresy

May 1 2010

Though it took a bit longer than I hoped, here it is! A play by play review of FFG’s Horus Heresy game.

I hope your able to get at least some sense of the pacing of the game. Most of the time, I can only describe it as “stately”. Not to say that the game plays slow, so much as actions must be planned in advance, and a lot of things will happen in between setting up an action and completing it. The game really makes you feel like your in command of an entire theater of war. You don’t just order attacks and redeployments, you plan Operation Overlord.

The amazing thing about the game is how each individual battle involves so much planing and strategy, that there is a “grandness” to each one.  With Primarchs dueling, titan legions, end even the mighty forces of Custodes committed to the fighting each individual battle feels like you could turn it into an entire 40k/Apocalypse campaign.  Great stuff!

~I’m still a fan of this game, and am looking forward to playing again. What do you think of the video review of a boardgame, anyone have any suggestions on how to make them better?

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