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Goatboy ‘s 40k Deep Thoughts: Ard Boyz Mission Ideas?

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May 16 2010

Well as everyone who plays competitively in North America knows, this weekend was Ard Boyz. I was unable to make it again this year, bit I let Darkwynn borrow my army and he won his tournament. So I guess I did well in army spirt hah. Lets talk about some misison ideas.

But enough of that, lets talk a bit about Ard Boyz. I did a mission break down last week and I know I was a bit simple on how to win each mission. But when dealing with a 3 game tournament the only way to truly win is to crush each and every opponent. You mix this with mission objectives that left a bit to be desired in the game play department meant that in a lot of ways the 3 games were kinda of boring. So today I want to try and create 3 missions that still follow the same format as the other Ard Boyz missions, but somehow create things that let multiple armies have a chance.

All my missions have Sieze the Initiative involved. I don’t want to type it 3 times because I always misspell initiative.

Mission 1: Hold the Center!
Setup: Spearhead
Objective: There are 3 objectives for the mission. One in the center and one in the center of each deployment zone. The Objective in the center is worth 3 points while the other two are worth 1 point.
Special Rules: Reserves, Deep Strike, Infiltrate, Night Fight first 2 Turns
Length of Game: 6 Turns
Bonus Points: At the end of your turn if you hold the center Objective you get 1 bonus points (max 6 points)
+1 If you control all objectives at any point in the game
+1 If you control all objectives at the end of the game

Massacre – 20pts – Win by 2 objective points
Minor – 15pts – Win by 1 objective point
Draw – 7pts – Same amount of objectives or no objectives

Pretty simple, move forward and go at it. Night fighting on the first two turns hopefully mean things will get up in the center and start holding the middle. The bonus point set up is to help give some spread when dealing with the overall tournament etc. I would normally want to have a mission with a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary mission set up, but I am trying to just fit within the normal Ard Boyz mission.

Mission 2: Get the Black Box!
Setup: Pitched Battle
Objective: Each player has one objective they can place within their deployment zone. Whoever wins the roll to go first, places their objective first. Each vehicle that is destroyed via a “wrecked” result becomes an objective for the game. Each objective is worth 1 point.
Special Rules: Reserves, Deep Strike, Infiltrate
Length of the Game – 6 turns
Bonus Points – +1 If you destroy all of your opponents Troop choices
+1 If you destroy all of your opponents Elites choices
+1 If you destroy all of your opponents Fast Attack Choices
+1 If you destroy all of your opponents Heavy Choices
+1 If any of your HQ choices are alive at the end of the game.
(If you opponent does not have one of the choices above in their army list, then you automatically get the bonus point)

Massacre – 20pts – You control 2 more objectives then your opponent
Minor Win – 15pts – You control 1 more objectives then your opponent
Draw – 7pts – If you control the same amount or no objectives each

This is a better mess-with-mech alternative then just making one set worth more kill points. This means that your wrecked vehicle is still good for the game, even if you play versus someone that doesn’t have any vehicles. Also since you only can hold a wrecked vehicle, but not an exploded vehicle, it means there is a good chance that there won’t be a field covered in objectives. This is just another thought on a way to hurt mech but not hurt mech at the same time.

Mission 3: The Rain makes me Clean!!
Setup: Pitched Battle
Objective: You have a bomb objective that you need to deliver across the field to your opponents table edge. Any one of your troop choices may carry the objective. If the choice is destroyed, another may pick it up. You can also pick up your opponents objective and deliver that bomb to their side of the table. You just have to get the objective to the table edge. The first one to do it, wins the mission. You must get out of your vehicle to deliver the bomb.
Special Rules: Reserves, Deep Strike, Infiltrate, Rain first 4 turns: (Any vehicle moving over 6 inches rolls for Difficult terrain. If stuck vehicle can roll a 4+ next turn to unstick themselves and can move that same turn, all troops roll difficult terrain when moving, If you roll a 1 you stop exactly where you started, everyone at -1 BS to shooting)
Length of Game: 6 turns
Bonus Points: +1 If you deliver your opponents bomb to their table edge.
+1 If you kill all your opponents troop choices.
+1 If you win by using your opponent’s bomb.
+1 If you deliver the bomb within the first 4 turns of the game.

Massacre – 20pts – You blew up their side first. You must get a bomb to the other side to win this mission.
Draw – 7pts – No one blew up their bomb.


This is the big, WTH mission that normally comes with any Ard Boyz style tournament. I wanted to give vehicles a bit of a crap shoot, as they can move faster but get the chance to get stuck. I also didn’t want the back field covered in stuck vehicles so I gave them a chance to unstick themselves. This mission favors the fast moving army as they can get there to drop off the bomb.

So there you have it, Goatboy’s own 3 mission Ard Boyz style tournament. I am sure there is some wording that could be cleaned up but I think these would give a lot of armies a chance to do well and still create games that are not just Kill fests that we are seeing now.  What do you guys think?

As usual, shoot me a message to [email protected].

  • EDITORIAL: Origins of the game