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NEWS: Warpshadow on Hiatus

May 3 2010

Some sad community news from’s Hydra:

Dear Broodbrothers and Sisters!

On March 22nd, Ross Nickle, better known as “Accommodator” on has died suddenly. He was not only the foundation of our community on Warpshadow, he had also the access to our host. The Gestalt (the admin group) has contacted the host, to make way for a possible transfer of access rights to a member of the gestalt. Until this transfer has happened, the host decided to shut down. We are working feverishly on a solution and try to get the board running again as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience!

I wish to offer my condolances to our Tyranid brothers over the loss of  forum founder and fellow wargamer Accommodator.  We hope to see up and running in no time. Leave your thoughts here.

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