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40K NEWS: Apocalypse Formations Released

Jun 24 2010

A set of new Apoc formations just got released on the Games Workshop website.  See who got the goodies after the jump:

Eldar Sunstorm
This updated datafax has the new Fire Prism models, and some minor tweaks.

IG Deathstrike Vortex Missile
Who doesn’t like dropping 10″ vortex pieplates?  That’s just clean fun.

Ork Dred Mob
A nice solid formation with special rules to keep the dreads moving and alive during the early game.

A nice little set.  Its been a while since Games Workshop had updated the Apocalypse Datasheet index, and its great to see them continue to keep the archive fresh and current with the latest models.  If you haven’t played a mega battle in a bit, check our our 11 Commandments to having a great Apoc game!

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