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ArdBoys 2010 Champion Battle Report

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Jul 26 2010

Today we have the game by game rundown of this year’s Ard Boy 2010 finals by the Champion: Kole.
Take it away Kole:

I’ll start off with my list: Imperial Guard.

CCS w/ 3x melta guns, officer of fleet, astropath, chimera
Inquisitor Lord w/3x mystics, psycannon, emperors tarot, psychic hood

Psyker Battle squad w/ 5 additional psykers, chimera
Callidius assassin

Platoon Comand squad w/ 4x flamers, chimera with heavy flamer turret
Platoon squad 1 with chimera
platoon squad 2
*Neither of these have any upgrades, they just sit in vendettas to make them scoring. The chimera goes to the inquisitor on first turn.
Vet squad w/ 3x melta guns, chimera w/ hull heavy flamer
Vet squad w/ 3x melta guns, chimera w/ hull heavy flamer
Vet squad w/ 3x plasma guns, lascannon, chimera
Vet squad w/ 3x plasma guns, lascannon, chimera


Leman Russ Demolisher w/Lascannon, plasma cannons
Leman Russ w/ 3x heavy bolters

Round 1: “When Diplomacy Fails”
Deployment Zones are pitched battle, but you use modified DOW-no night fight, and no additional units other than the Observers and Staff may be placed.

There is a marker in the exact center of the board where the “Peace talks” will take place.

Observers:Two units of troops and one HQ. These may not include vehicles, transports, or MC. (An army with only MC HQ’s had to put one out)


Staff:One Non-vehicle, non MC unit chosen from elites, troops, FA, or heavy.

You Dice off and the highest roll goes first or second. They must deploy their observers in theire DZ (this is where pitched battle came in) at least 18″ from the center point. Then Player 2 does the same.

Then Player 2 places his staff unit within 3″ of the center, and then player 1 does as well.

Everything else is left off table and comes on per DOW deployment

Chaos demons made their waves as normal, but then had too choose their staff and observers per the mission and deploy them per the mission. They had to be from the same wave, and then that wasthe wave that came in first turn.
*This really helped demons I think. It allowed them to overload the wave they wanted, and gave them an icon on the board for the rest of their first wave.

Before the first turn, something goes wrong in “negotiations” and the staffsquads attack each other, you dice off and whoever wins moves their staff unit into the other players unit. They both count as charging, and unless a unit is wiped out, it is counted as a drawn combat, which continues as normal the first turn.

If one player can hold the center point, it counts as 500 VP’s.


Massacre, 1500 more VP
Major, 1000-1499 more
minor 500-999
draw 499 or less
+1bp for killing an enemy HQ
+1 for have your staff unit alive
+1for destroying enemies staff unit
+1for having all you HQ alive

My Opponent’s List:
Keeper of secrets

3x Flamers
3x Flamers
6x Fiends

20x Bloodletters
17 Daemonettes
6 Plaguebearers
6 Plaguebearers

6 Seekers
5 Screamers

Nurgle prince
Nurgle prince
Slaneesh prince

Very wierd mission. I decide to make one of my naked platoon squads my staff unit. I pick my CCS, a plas/las vet squad and the other platoon squad as my observers.

He chooses his Seekers as his staff, and the Bloodthirster, the Daemonettes and 1 Plaguebearer squad as his observers. The rest of this wave will include 1 Flamer unit, 1 Nurgle prince, and the Screamers.

I put my las plas squad in cover, with the 10 man platoon squad in front of them so they have to get charged first. My CCS goes by my board edge to jump into its Chimera first turn.


Pre Turn 1:The negotiations fail fight. He kills 4 guardsmen, and I kill 4 Seekers in return (even without counting as charging due to Seekers defence grenades). Huge win, since he only has 2 Seekers left and I have 6 guardsmen.

My turn 1:I bring everything on, with my Inquisitor in the middle, the Russ and Demolisher to either side, 2 empty Chimeras on my weak flank farthest away from the inq. I end up getting the thirster down to 2 wounds, and kill about 12 Daemonettes, but the icon is still there. I kill 2 Plaguebearers. The combat with the Seekers has me lose 1 guardsmen, but hold.

His turn. The Screamers come down out of mystic range, but roll a 1 for run. The thirster and Daemonettes move up towards the 2 squads in cover out of their Chimeras, and a Nurgle prince and Flamers come down by my empty Chimeras. The Flamers blow the multilaser of of one and stun it. The Seeker combat has me making the 3 saves I needed, killing one Seeker and then having her fail her fearless save. The guard win!

My Turn2: The assassin shows up and with Psyker squad kills 2 Plaguebearers, but rolls 1’s for assault and cant reach them. I kill off the Bloodthirster, the Nurgle prince, the Daemonettes, the Screamers and 2 of 3 Flamers.

His turn 2: He gets the other Flamer unit, a Plaguebearer unit, and the Slaneesh prince.
The Flamer stuns another Chimera, and the Plaguebearers that survived the assassin break my guardsmen that just beat the Seekers in combat. The Flamer unit mishaps and is destroyed.

My turn3: I wipe everything off the board, And start moving to position myself for the rest of the demons and grabbing the center.

His 3: He gets the Bloodletters, the Keeper of Secrets, and the Nurgle prince. they move to hit my side with the vets in cover.

My turn 4:I kill the Nurgle prince, and get the Bloodletters down to 4 guys. The Keeper of Secrets has 1 wound left.

His 4:The Bloodletters wipe out the 10 platoon guardsmen and explode a Chimera. I kill 2 in return. The KoS fails its charge.

My 5: I wipe everything off the board again.


His 5: All he has left is the Fiends, but concedes as they will just come down and get shot on my next turn before they can assault. I have only lost 1 Chimera, a few guns from Chimeras, and 2 naked 10 man infantry platoon squads.

I get 23/24 pts, as my staff unit died so I couldnt get full points. I get 3000 victory points (+500 for the center objective)

This puts me in a tie for 3rd and at the 3rd table.

Round 2: Scorched Earth
Seize ground with 5 objectives.

All pieces of area terrain must be rolled for before deployment. On a 1-3 its on fire and counts as dangerous terrain, on a 4-6 its smoking and a unit with models inside may add +1 to their cover save.

Spearhead deployment

The player scoring the most KP’s may count one objective as vital and then it counts for 2 obj. points.

4-6 more obj=massacre
1 more or if a tie whomever has more KP=minor
same number of obj and same KP=draw

+1for having an HQ in their DZ
+1 for destroying all enemies heavies
+1 for destorying all troops
+1 for holding and obj in a piece of terrain

I am playing Chris Mehrstedt, who got 2nd at the Greenbay Regional where I got first.
Here is his list.

Chaos Termie lord w/demon weapon
Chaos Sorceror w/ lash
Greater demon

8 Possessed w/ mark of Khorne, champ, Rhino
Dreadnaught w/ Multimelta
8 Termies w/ champ with a fist, 1 Chain fist, 1 LC, 1 combiflamer, 1 heavy flamer, 3 combimeltas
12 Chaos Marines w/ champ w power weapon, autocannon, flamer, icon of CG
12 Berzerkers w/ champ w/ fist, personal icon
12 T-Sons w/sorceror w/ warptime
12 lesser demons

Defiler w/ CC arms
3x Oblits

All 5 objectives get placed pretty centralized, and every piece of terrain but 2 are smoking, which means he is going to get alot of 3+cover saves.

He gets first turn and keeps the Oblits, Termies, demons, and dreadnaught in reserve. HE deploys his T-sons forward, screening he Berzerkers, screening his Chaos Marines. His Defiler and Possessed in Rhino go to one side. All the Marines are either in 3+ cover are behind it.

I deploy with Inq. and Demolisher and 2 vet squads (1 plas, 1 melta) to one side, most everything else to my long side of my deployment zone to go get obj.

His Possessed get scout and zoom up right in front of me.

His turn 1:
Possessed move right in front of me and pop smoke, everything else moves forward, and he strings out to get icons and champs close to me, but keeping most of his units in cover for the 3+ save. His Defiler blows a lascannon off a Vendetta.

My 1: I wreck the Possessed Rhino, and kill off the Possessed. I immobilize and blow the BC off the Defiler, and go to work on the Marines in cover. I end up only killing a few, due to T-Sons going to ground for a 2+ and the Berzerkers making alot of saves and good wound allocation on his part.

His turn 2: He gets the dread and the greater demon. The dread misses a Chimera, and the demon wrecks one in combat. He jockies around some more, but realizes if he comes out of cover he will get shot to shit, and he can reach 3 obj. if he can survive till turn 5. The Chaos Marines shake a Vendetta.

My turn 2: I shake the dread, and start moving up to get more guns in range of his 30 or so Marines in 3+ cover. It takes a lot of shooting to kill the greater daemon, but finally do. I kill a few more Marines from each squad.

His turn 3: He gets the Termies and the lesser demons in. The demons hunker in back by the Marines, and the Termies scatter away from my Russ, out of half range for the meltas. They shoot the side of a Chimera and shake it. Autocannon immobilizes a Vendetta.

My turn 3: My assassin shows up and with the psykers kills 3 or 4 of the Termies. I stun the dread again and blow off the multimelta. I finish off the Defiler as its sitting on an objective. I kill a few Marines and demons from each squad (damn 3+ cover). I then shoot and kill off the last of the Termies, but leave the lord alive. Not thinking this makes him fearless so the LD 2 test wont bother him. I assault him with the assassin, and tank my rolls and he kills her.

His 4: His oblits come in and land near the cover where Marines are hiding. The dread assaults and explodes the immobile Vendetta. He starts moving out to grab objectives in case it ends on turn 5. The Termie lord shakes and blows a gun off of a Chimera. The Oblits stun and immobilize the Demolisher.

My 4: I explode the dread, kill the Termie lord, get the demons down to 8 or so guys. I get the Berzerkers down to 2 and the T-Sons down to 2 plus the Lash Sorcerer. I make the Chaos Marines run off the board with the psyker squad. I kill 2 Oblits.

His 5:The Zerks and T-Sons wreck a Chimera, the demons grab an objective. The Oblit misses a tank.

MY 5: I kill everything but 5 demons, and go and grab the objectives.

The game continues, and he concedes. He has 5 demons which I will tank shock off the objective and then more than likely kill as I have almost everything left (I lost about 20 guardsmen from explosions in 4 or 5 squads, 1 Chimera and a Vendetta)

I get the full 24 points and 2500 VP. He has about 550 VP from me.

Im now tied for first with 47, and playing Space Wolves at the top table.

Round 3:Hold the Line
3 Objectives. One in the center of the board, and 2 18″ away along the center board line. At the beginning of turn 4, roll a d6 and one of the objectives is now worth 3 obj. Points.

The player with the most KP’s may make 1 obj. worth 1 more Obj. Point.

*this made it so 1 obj. could be worth 4 points. A little odd, but not too bad.


Massacre:5-6 more obj. points
major:3-4 more
minor:1-2 more or more kp if its a tie
Draw:Same obj, and same KP
+1 no enemies in your half of board
+1more units in your opponents DZ than they have in yours
+1 for primary obj
+1for killing highest enemy unit

His list:Wolves
Logan Grimanar
Rune Priest
Thunderwolf lord with bear saga and TH SS
Thunderwolf lord with Warrior borne, PF SS

2 thunderwolves with th SS
2 TW with TH/SS
Lone wolf w/ TH/SS

6 Longfangs in pod with MM’s
4 units of greyhunters in pods composed like this:
6GH-1 with wulfen, 1 with melta, 1 with standard, and 1 Wolfguard termie with combimelta and fist

1 unit of GH in pod w/ wulfen flamer, standard termie with combi flamer and fist.

I get first turn, and deploy to the left, with an empty Chimera acting as screen to my open flank. Everything else is to the left.

He deploys Logan and the Runepriest out of the pod and attached to the TW’s so they can be fearless first turn. HE also attachesboth TW lords to one unit. The Lone Wolf and unheroed up TW are off to my right.

Turn 1: I shoot everything I got at The mega Twolf squad and get a wound on everyone. Logan has 2 wounds on him (both failed Termie saves) and the Bear Lord has 2 on him. I also did some jockying with Chimeras.

His turn:Arjac comes down in a pod by himself, and I put a wound on him with the mystics. 1 melta unit comes down out of mystic range, and the Longfangs come down near Logan and the Runepriest, who break from the T-wolves and join them. They are in mystic range and I kill 2 Long Fangs. The T-wolves with the lords charge my Demolisher and wreck it. Arjac stuns the psykers Chimera.

MY turn 2: The Callidius shows up and kills Arjac in assault. I wipe out the Long Fangs, Logan and the Rune Priest. I wipe out the 2 TW lords and their T-wolf riders. I put a wound on another T-wolf.

His turn 2: nothing comes in from reserve. He is out of range with the T-wolfs and the Lone Wolf. The Grey Hunters shake a Chimera

My turn 3: I wipe out the Grey Hunters, kill the T-wolfs, and start popping pods. I put 1 wound on the Lone Wolf

His turn 3: Lone Wolf stuns a Chimera.

My 4: I kill the one Wolf and blow the last pod. Everythings off the board, so I move to grab objectives.

His 4: He gets the last 3 pods, 2 land on the super obj. which is farthest from me. I kill 5 from the one squad that was not by the 3pt objective with my mystics. HE fans out and gets into cover to try to survive and hold the 3pt objective.

My 5: I wipe out the every GH but 3. Two are fleeing and out of it, as they are 6 inches from the board edge and I have a Chimera right next to them. The other is pinned 5 inches away from the objective. I fail to blow the last pod.

Game ends at turn 5 with me on all the objectives, and him with the pod left.

I get 23/24 pts as the pod was in my half. I get 2483 Vps

I finish with 70/72 pts, and 7983 vps out of a possible 8000. Second place was orcs who had 69 battlepoints and 3rd was all pod SW with 65. Hans, a friend of ours from Madison who got 1st in the Minnesota reginal, got 7th with demons.

Top 5 tables going into the last round were:
1: IG vs Wolves
2: Orks vs IG
3: Wolves vs Eldar
4: IG vs Nids
5: IG vs Nids

The army breakdown was like this:
9 IG
7 Space Marines (4 Salmanders) (1 Khan list) (1 Shrike list) (1 Ultramarine list)
7 Tyranids
6 Orks
6 Space Wolves (4 with Thundercav, 2 w/o)
3 Eldar
3 Chaos Marines
2 Demons
2 Blood Angels (one was a counts as BA)
1 Black Templar

So 2 years in a row, nothing has been able to stop the Mech Guard collossus.  I would like to congratulate Kole, and invite everybody to chime in with their thoughts and comments regarding the 2010 finals.

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