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BoLS Lounge Cattle Call

Jul 26 2010

Hey everybody, we haven’t had a registration drive for the Lounge in a long while.  We are approaching our one year anniversary and want to get as many excited gamers registered as possible.

If you haven’t gone to visit our forums, head on over and take a look.  Since we launched the Lounge we’ve added user blogs, and a full featured gallery to show your best stuff off.  We run a nice easygoing community of hobby enthusiasts over there with forums for everything from 40k, to WFB, Warmachine, FoW, boardgames and more.

If painting is your thing, we’ve grown a really talented set of hobbyists who love to share their ongoing projects and our gallery is loaded full of great miniatures. We even have a set of city forums set up for smaller clubs to use for news, meetups, and any other local news.

So come on over to the Lounge and register today.  There is no law that says you can’t be a member of multiple forums, so check it out folks!

  • Eldar vs Blood Angel Grudge Match: BoLScon