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40K: Badab War Coming from Forgeworld – CONFIRMED

Aug 20 2010

Today is Gamesday North America, and one of the big events is a seminar by Forgeworld on their future plans and products.  The tension is rising over all those Space Marine armor marks kits we’ve seen over the last few weeks.  Here’s the latest scuttlebutt:

Via Dakkadakka’s: Warboss Gubbinz

Coming from pre-games day setup. The Forge World lines had some flyers sitting out.

Looks like the next Book will cover the Badab war, will try and get more pictures tomorrow. left my usb2 cord not with the camera, argh.

Now take that with a large grain of salt, but Badab War would certainly fit with all those Marine armor kits, as well as that Caestus Assault Ram, which would fit with the heavy boarding actions during the conflict…

Imperial Armour 9: Badab War Part 1 Video

~We’ll know very soon, so lets see what arrives in the BoLS inbox today.  Who’s onboard for a Badab War book if its true?

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