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40k Hobby: Plastic Abaddon in Terminator Armor

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Sep 10 2010

Take a look at very nicely done Abaddon the Despoiler conversion. My buddy Joe Carlson made this conversion using Abaddon’s pewter head, daemon sword, and Talon of Horus.

Those bits from the 1990’s blend seamlessly with the new plastic Chaos Terminator armor from 2007. I am also a fan of the brooding pose Joe pulled off with the new Chaos Star base.

I love to see stuff like this, amalgams of pewter and plastic filling the gap between old and new models.  To me this is what the converting hobby is about, especially when something so basic is done so well! Kudos Joe.

Be sure to scroll down to get a better look at Abaddon’s new armor.


Do you have an awesome conversion to show off?

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