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40k: Interview – Top GT Tread Heads – Part 1

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Sep 1 2010

Paul: Lets get this started.

First I’d like to welcome everyone to a pretty candid discussion between what I would consider the top Imperial Guard players in the country.  Please welcome Nick Rose, Jon Wolf and Rob Baer.  My name is Paul Murphy and I’ll be attempting to conduct the interview and keep us on track as much as possible.

So – to my interviewees – thanks for taking the time to join me tonight.  I’m missing tosh.0 so that is an indication of how important this is.

Paul says: You guys are known for being top notch guard players. You have each won the top slots at major events using the Emperor’s flashlights. If you had to name an MVP of your list what would it be? And why?

Rob Baer – MBG says: 4 meltas because they kill anything.

Paul says: Fair. So command squads?

Rob Baer – MBG says: Well CCS I like to take long range now-anyways so ammend that to 3x meltas.

Nicholas says: Manticore hands down; because being able to hit anywhere on the board and having the ability switching to direct or indirect it makes sure I can kill the big heavy targets or at least take down the important targets. That and D3 pie plates is just awesome.

Paul says: Nick – you don’t think the 24 inch exclusion and the AP 4 is too much of a hindrance? You run two most of the time right?

Rob Baer – MBG says: Dude you can direct fire them within 24.


Paul says: True, but then they are exposed to almost everything in the game that can actually kill them. Very few stores and tournament venues have real 5th ed terrain

Nicholas says: I only run one but you can always switch to direct with the Manticore and avoid the min. It really depends what I am shooting with and how they are grouped up in a pattern.

Jon says: My MVPs are Platoon squads -Because they’re like cockroaches. I like meltas in CCS, because I like to punch people with them.

Rob Baer – MBG says: Jon- I used them that way as well but it seems in major events you get dinged for loosing your HQ in some missions.

Nicholas says: I don’t know, company command squad with a powerfist is still awesome. People love to hate on him and say how much he sucks

Jon says: Yeah, I do that. I take a priest to hide out if needed.

Paul says: Jon, so you keep your guys on the ground? No chimera walls?


Nicholas says: Right

Rob Baer – MBG says: Chimeras are the MVPS because you can do so much with them.

Jon says: I mix them up. Some Chimeras, but some just boots is good.

Paul says: What do you think is the best ratio and do you bulk it up with Commissars or just hope for the best?

Jon says: You can have 20 boots for 10 in a chimera, and you’re likely to have an objective near your board edge that you want to hold at the end of the game. I like to have a platoon of 30 or so, with a commissar to do a blob if it seems right.

Rob Baer – MBG says: Commisars are great because you can allocate to them to make the unit break if you want to shoot their assaulters.

Nicholas says: Ya, Jon is correct about the boots and with platoon commanders giving them orders.  They can get a +2 cover save and your not going to get them off the objective.

Jon says: Platoons open heavy weapons teams, and those are like gold.

Paul says: Do you do the autocannon spam that I see a lot of guard players trying to run with?


Jon says: I run some autocannons, but not the 5x of them. Because I do that and sure as hell I’ll draw all Land Raiders.

Nicholas says: Jon runs a odd list, you look at it and you can never understand it but somehow it just works.

Paul says: Right.. no leaf blower.. more like a hedge trimmer.

Rob Baer – MBG says: I’m not too experienced with the non mech. How you guys feel about Demo Squads? And alpha strike?

Jon says: Demos are pretty fun to use and they scare people, which is even more fun.

Nicholas says: I don’t like to use demo’s as much unless its in a SWS. Too much risk involved, and with people spacing out 2 inches like they should, you’re not going to hit much.  Or I hit myself.

Rob Baer – MBG says: They are very Psychological

Nicholas says: Yes against baby seals…

Jon says: While we’re on the subject, I love Marbo because people worry about him way too much.

Paul says: If I find myself with points and the force org slot open I try to take Marbo.


Rob Baer – MBG says: I’m asking the questions here! (sorry) they are gimmicky.

Jon says: Bah, Marbo is a reasonable threat to a lot of the cool toys out there.

Paul says: He is a good spoiler with the fact that he can be dropped on an objective or hidden someplace to contest for the whole game by going to ground. He’s not that bad in close combat either if you’re fighting another non monster close combat army.

Nicholas says: It’s not ap1 though that is my problem, with a bad roll against a mech line it just feels like a waste.

Jon says: True, AP1 and he would rock.

Rob Baer – MBG says: Can’t all be rock stars…

Paul says: Ok. the MVPs were different. I think that’s interesting. I was told at Wargames Con that my list was just a clone of Nick and Jon’s but we seem to take a few different things and have different ideas on how to get the job done on the battlefield.  Any other list honorable mentions before we move on?

Jon says: I think Valkyries are damned useful if you’re doing the rest of your AT correctly. Paul, your list is nothing like line. Nick’s is a lot closer.

Nicholas says: Our lists are very different.

Nicholas says: Yours was closer to mine you just replaced the executioner I think out for the medusa. Which filled the same role.

Jon says: I don’t run bulls-eyes.

Paul says: I used to run 2 medusa, the executioner and two hydras. I replaced the medusas with a manticore.

(Editors note: Ack!!  Running out of space!  Click here for part 2 for tactics and how to deal with codex creep from Space Wolves and Blood Angels.)

Paul Murphy
  • Wargames Gallery 8-19-10