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The Best 900 points you will ever spend – Part 2

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Sep 9 2010

A couple of weeks ago we started to take a look at each codex and the possible super mega unstoppable units you can build.  Each codex seems to have a couple of different units that can really take advantage of the 5th edition rules.  They are fun to play and often extremely competitive if used correctly.

There will be all sorts of wailing and nashing by your opponent as your 900+ points rolls over them like a tide of destruction.  You can’t let that bother you though – you knew what you were getting into when you built the list in the first place.

We’ll pick up with Super Unit 5: The Warlock Jetbike Squad.  This unit is a bargain coming in at under 700 points to be completely kitted out with Singing Spears, complex psychic powers, and a Farseer HQ also on a bike.

Jetbikes, as we all know, can turbo boost across the field and turns their 3+ armor save into a cover save that thankfully due to the Farseer can be re-rolled.  With the unit being complex you can pick and choose which one of your weedy little Warlocks die first allowing you to keep the offensive capability of your unit high deep into the game. The multitude of Singing Spears you’ll have can devastate vehicles and they also have the added benefit of being able to be thrown if need be.

When this unit first hit the scene it was extremely hard to deal with.  A lot of evolution in the game has made it less so.  The unit heavily relies on psychic powers that the unit has to start the turn on the table to use.  This is a one two punch that almost takes this unit out of the super unit category.  Psychic powers are becoming easier to combat with the proliferation of psychic hoods and other anti-psycher wargear that is becoming standard in codices. This unit is still fun to play with IF you go through the hassle of converting your own figures – COME ON GW – its way past time for new jet bike models.

Super Unit 6: T-Hammer Termys: Who needs complexity when you can have 10 Space Marines in terminator armor wielding Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields.  What makes that better?  Vulkan He’stan , a guy who can allow them to re-roll a miss with their Thunder Hammers.  For less than 600 points you can have one of the most feared and annoying units in the 40k world.  The nice thing is that the HQ unit doesn’t need to be attached to the unit for them to benefit from his special rule.  Vulkan has made more appearances than Eldrad.  He is a special character that makes everything cool in 5th edition better than it used to be.  On the charge the unit as 30 attacks, at strength 8, re-rolling one miss each. You’re going last but even rolling average you will still have plenty of Terminators left at the end of combat to dish out the pain.

The draw back to this unit is that they aren’t very mobile unless you take a Land Raider, decreasing your model count.  Keeping the number at 10 strong you are forced to slog it across the table or teleport down.  Both are decent options with the option of also buying teleport homers or locator beacons or relying on your 3+ save to make it to combat.

This whole article has been about Super Unit 7.  I am going to slightly break my own rules and include a model that is not an Independent Character (meaning he can not be joined to the unit) but he is every bit worthy of being included in this writing.  I give you – the Blood Angels’ Honor Guard – accompanied by The Sanguinor, a Librarian and a Chaplain.

This group comes in at a staggering 901 points when equipped with jump packs.  Most of the time I defy conventional wisdom and equip my Chaplain with a Power Fist. The unit breaks down like this:

Honor Guard – All with Jump Packs
Sanguinary Novitiate
HG (honor guard) w/ Power Fist, Storm Shield and the Chapter Banner
HG w/ Power Fist, Storm Shield
HG w/ Melta Gun, Storm Shield
HG w/ Melta Gun, Storm Shield

Librarian w/ Jump Pack
The Sanguine Sword
Might of Heroes


Chaplain w/ Jump Pack
Power Fist

The Librarian and the Chaplain join the Honor Guard squad.  This allows them to take advantage of the CB (Chapter Banner). The CB gives them all an extra attack all the time, no matter if they are charging or not. The CB also has other properties that don’t matter since the unit is fearless due to the Chaplain! Sure sure – those abilities do aid the rest of your army.

On the charge with The Sanguinor near by this unit has a massive 43 attacks (+d3 attacks from the Librarian’s power if it goes off). 37 of those can be re-rolled if you miss.

6-9 of those are Strength 10. 15 of those are Strength 9. 6 of those are Strength 6. 16 of those are Strength 5.

6-9 Strength 10 attacks re-rolling misses with the possible use of a Force Weapon if you need it?  Good bye Thunder Wolves.  Good bye Nobs. Good bye everything!  The other 30+ attacks are just gravy at that point. Sweet sweet gravy.

This unit is impressive even without The Sanguinor and it is a testament to the Blood Angel Codex not needing special characters to be competitive and win. Sure, the unit is 901 points but it’s pure awesome.  The cherry on top of this egg basket of dominance is that the entire unit also has FEEL NO PAIN due to the Novitiate.

This unit has the mobility it needs due to the jump packs to be anywhere on the table top.  It is resilient enough to deal with shooting due to almost everything in the unit having invulnerable saves and feel no pain.  If the situation dictates you can also easily use the Descent of Angels rule and put this pain train directly in front of the enemy and blast off with your melta guns before preparing to accept a charge.


This unit rocks and IS the best 900 points you will ever spend.

So what between the two articles what super units have I missed?  Anyone had any luck creating a Witch Hunter Super Unit?  What about Tau?

Paul Murphy
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