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40K: Dark Eldar 2nd Wave In April?

Dec 29 2010

Latest scuttlebutt on the Dark Kin says look for the 2nd wave to appear in the April timeframe.  Full details after the jump:

via the rumors sharpshooter 75hastings69

IIRC more DE (Talos & Cronos plastic kit, plastic Venom, plastic Voidraven & other aircraft kit, plastic Scourges, plus quite a few metal kits )are due out before GK, so later than that (Edit: Meaning after March, so I assume April).

So lets take a look at that 2nd wave Dark Eldar list again:
-Talos/Cronos plastic kit
-Venom plastic kit
-Voidraven/Razorwing plastic kit
-Scourges plastic kit

With Jes saying all of the Dark Eldar range minus a few special characters would be out by June, that would leave the following as metal kits:

-Assorted Characters

Schedule wise, if this pans out, it would mean a shoehorn slot pushing back Grey Knights to perhaps the May timeframe as January-March are already known.

Have at it.  Its sounding like its gonna be a VERY good 6 months for the Dark Eldar fans…


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