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40K Rumors: Summer of Flyers

Jan 30 2011

Finally some murmurs of the whispered air assault headed our way this summer.

via everyone’s favorite stickmonkey

Still rumored as July wd rule set
Apoc style rules, strafing/bombing runs, rapid insertion/extraction, special missions, dogfighting?
Thunder hawk is NOT likely
Codex based releases…
Dark eldar raven
Eldar night wing?
Ig hydra
Nid harpy
Non codex releases…
Ig thunderbolt
Csm hell blade
Tau remora
No necron release?
Ork fighta/bomma
No SM release?

Suspected non codex releases will only be rules…models already FW…

Necrons may get something with their codex.

Raven/night wing likely to be combined kit.

So that would seem to follow the concept of lots of rules with a “standard 3-4 kit monthly release slot”.  The interesing part of this will be when we see what level of fusion the flyer rules will have with the core rulebook, and the further reliance on Forgeworld kits as GW brings them ever closer to being a part of the “real game”.

Standard caveats apply and have at it.  Who’s happy with that set of models?


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