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40K: Sneak Peek: Yet More New Dread (pics)

Jan 13 2011

So that Blood Angel dreadnought that is supposed to accompany the Stormraven in mid Q1.  A bunch of detailed sprue shots have popped up on the tubes today.  Let’s take a closer look.

via Bolter & Chainsword’s Morticon

Dreadnought Sprue pic 1
Dreadnought Sprue pic 2
Dreadnought Sprue pic 3
Dreadnought Sprue pic 4

So first off.  This is definitely a Blood Angel kit.  There are blood drops all over this baby, including the arms, and other non sarcophacus parts.  If a Grey Knight Dreadnought kit is coming, its would appear to not be this one.  Next up, is WOW, there are a ton of amazing bits on there, for all the Blood Angel dread types, and in particular I’m impressed with the “head” detailing.

~What are your thoughts?  Who lining up for this one?

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