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40k Contest- DreadKnight Mega Build of Doom

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Mar 20 2011

Hey Bols! Waaaaaaaaaaagh as been declared at Spikey Bits for the new Grey Knight release.  To kick it all off we cranked up the awesome to 11 with the DreadKnight Mega Build Contest!

Entering is easy- all you have to do is pre-order/ order a Dreadknight, and convert it into a Non-Astartes version of itself by Friday April 22nd. Then send us picture of it (no collages please, but you can send multiple pics), and we’ll set them up for judging on the blog!

Checkout the sweet photoshoped DeffKnight for inspiration. Whomever made that was definitely touched by Gork (or possible Mork).

The winner will receive a Strike Force of 2 Grey Knights Boxes, and one Grey Knight Terminator Box.

WHAT, WHAT, WHAT??!!!! Yep that’s right you could win three shiny new box sets of Grey Knights, just for defiling one of their proud vehicles.

So what are you waiting for??? Put on your thinking caps, and get in your pre-order!!!!

  • 40K: Mastering The Assault Phase