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40K HOBBY: GK Psiflemen Dread Tutorial

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Apr 25 2011
Hey everyone, Duke here from Dukesinferno today I’m not coming at you with more silly GK lists and blah blah blah.  This time I’m showing you how to build your very own psiflemen dreads and how to make them look awesome (Imho)!

I personally don’t like the look of most riflemen dread builds that simply have the auto-cannons on the sides of the body.  I like the traditional look of the shoulder armor covering the weapon and the barrels sticking out of it. As such, I grabbed my modeling stuff and went to work.
Tools and Boxes used to make the conversion (this will actually make 2 dreads):
– Hobby clippers
– Hobby scalpel
– Grey stuff or Green stuff
– 1 Venerable dread box
– 1 Furioso dread box+ remains of other ven dread kit (Could also use another ven dread)
– 2 Aegis defense lines boxes (for the autocannons)
– glue (duh)
Now on to the tutorial:
Right Shoulder: Cut out the walls on the inside of the right shoulder to make room for the top auto cannon
Right shoulder: Cut an “L” out of the bottom of the same shoulder, this will allow the joining parts of the auto-cannons to fit.
Right shoulder: Cut off the bottom cables to make room for the bottom auto cannon
Right Autocannon: trim the autocannon to fit into the shoulder you cut out earlier… This requires a lot of “clip to fit,” stuff.
Right weapon:(outside) Glue ammo feeder as such, the shoulder pad should hide the skull on the top auto cannon. Edit: I later changed the Ammo feeder, I cut it in half and mounted only one ammo feeder vertical where it is now.  The other one is “in the shoulder,”
Right weapon: (inside) This is the view from the inside. Cut off the cylinder that would normally attach to the dread and mag/ pin this point so you can remove it when you get “weapon destroyed results,”.
Left shoulder: Cut this “L” shape out of the front bottom of the shoulder to allow the top auto-cannon to fit.
Left shoulder: Cut the tail of the top cannon until you can fit the shoulder pad over it like this.  I like putting some decorative bits (shield) just to cover any damage  I did. (Edit: I also changed this ammo feeder)
Left shoulder (inside): The auto-cannon should look like this on the inside.
I like my dreads a little bit taller than normal dreads especially when the TL Auto-cannons sit lower on the overall body.  As such I take a ball of Grey Stuff and put glue on both sides of it and then put the body on top until I achieve the desired height. 
left angle
Right angle
Once your done clean the model (If you haven’t already) then put on purity seals and other nick-nacks as desired. Since mine are Grey Knights I put all sorts of purity seals and such on them.  All in all I really like them, comments and such welcome.
What are you doing for your Psiflemen/ Rilfemen?

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