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40K Rules Conundrum: Purgation Squad Astral Aim

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Apr 11 2011

So a downright sinister rules conundrum came to us on the trip back to Adepticon.  As with any RAW/RAI argument we can’t figure out within 5 minutes, we figured you all should help make the call.

Today’s Conundrum: the Astral Aim Psychic power possessed by Grey Knight Purgation squads.  First the relevent rules snippet:

“…If the Psychic test is passed, the unit (and any accompanying character) can shoot at any enemy unit within range, even if they do not have line of sight to it, or it is outside the distance they can see in a night fight.”

The Conundrum: Can a Purgation squad embarked in a vehicle which passes its Astral Aim test blaze away at targets as listed in the rule for the power, or not?  In general, how does Astral Aim interact with vehicles and fireports, if it does at all? 

The Case For:  Codex overrides core rulebook, and the psychic power clearly states “can shoot at any enemy unit within range” upon a psychic testing being passed.  Other rules restrictions on firing are ignored.  The second part of the listed sentence simply lists 2 common examples of restrictions that are ignored, not all the restrictions that are ignored (which the first half of the sentence covers).

The Case Against: The psychic power doesn’t specifically override the firing restrictions listed in the firing port rules in the vehicle section of the core rules. If they wanted that ability, they would have listed it specifically.

Like I said, kinda sticky rule.  We argued back and forth until distracted by a gas station with good beef jerky in Missouri.  I’m sure they’ll FAQ this – in 6 months. What’s your take?

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