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Forgeworld: IG Crassus and More

Apr 21 2011

Yet more resin goodness for the Imperium of Man from Forgeworld.  Lets take a look at the Guard’s “newest” superheavy – the Crassus Armored Transport 

Crassus Armored Transport
and rules

Also, a couple of decal sheets are out for the Badab War:

Red Scorpions

All this stuff ships out the week of April 26th.

~As a dedicated Apoc player I like the Crassus.  Its obvious competition in lists will be the larger Stormlord.  While the Stormlord carries 40 troops with 3 Structure points, its vulcan mega-bolter often means its just a static large bunker.  The Crassus has the same armor protection and carries 30 troops with lighter heavy bolter protection, but will be used more often moving up offensively to take a position.  It’s also less than half the cost of the Stormlord… which helps.  Have at it.

  • Wargames Gallery 4-20-11