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40K HOBBY: Bulwark Builds a Bomma – Pt1

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May 31 2011

Its been a while since Bulwark’s inner BigMek reared his head, but an Ork Bomma is hard to resist…

Most of you have seen Bulwark’s work before.  From the Mr. Potatohead Stompa, to the Leviathan, to the dreaded Capital Imperialis that still terrifies the tabletops of Central Texas, he’s always up to something.

Forgeworld’s IA8 however contained 40k-Apocalypse rules for the Ork Bomma, previously only seen in Aeronautica Imperialis.  You should have seen Bulwark’s eyes light up!

Using his dirt cheap (he’s Orky) skills with yard signs, tupperware, exacto blades, hole punches, and gallons of superglue, the craft is beginning to take shape. 

I’m sure he’ll just dunk it in superglue and roll in around in an Orky bitz box shortly.  Still a ways to go, but you can see where this ine is headed…

More updates as this one comes along. Look for the Bomma to be terrorizing the skies of the Armageddon Narrative track at Wargamescon in 4 weeks! Have fun folks! 

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