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40K NEWS: Dark Eldar Razorwing & More – Advanced Orders

May 26 2011

Games Workshop keeps knocking out Drak Eldar kits like there is no tomorrow.  The Razorwing, and several other kits showed up today on the Advanced Order page.

Razorwing Fighter $41.25
Wracks $33.00 (for 5)
Grotesques $20.75 (for 1)
Haemonculus $18.25

The Wracks, Grots, and the Haemonculus are all Finecast.  The Nightwing especially is more fuel for my supposition that regardless of rules debates, I feel that the Dark Eldar range is the highest quality miniatures range in wargaming at this time.  Way to go Jes. Have at it guys.

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