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Dukes Lounge Recap 6-20-2011

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Jun 19 2011
“Even his master-crafted weapons are master-crafted.”
– Duke
Hello denizens of the internet Duke here from Dukes Inferno (link)… It is that time of the week again (No, not time to take a shower).  Lets go over this week at the lounge and see what type of crazy antics the loungers are up to. 

Just the Facts Ma’am:

– Marneus Calgar provides us with some really cool video of People dressed up in 40k gear.  LINK
– Angry people talk about starting an organized boycott. LINK
– Word from Eldargal (Via Dakka) that GW is looking to make WD a better magazine. LINK
– Forgeworld comes out with some really cool Dark Eldar and Pre-heresy stuff. LINK
– More rumors surrounding the upcoming “Storm of Magic,” filter in. LINK
– Blackadder starts his VERY impressive goal of scratch-building a Thunderhawk. LINK
The Dirty Details:

Over in China they really know how to geek out!  The links posted up by Marneus Calgar showed us video of a group of Chinese people dressed in some of the best 40k costumes I have ever seen.  Included in the line up of costumes: Vostroyans, Sisters of Battle, and a Terminator Command Squad.  I personally really like the sister of battle costume, it is the best of them all.  The Marines lack some believability… But it is kind of hard to pull of a marine without being 9′ tall and a physical build that would make Arnold cry.  That said it is way better than some of the Duct tape and Cardboard crap I have seen before.  The “Best comment,” of the thread goes to Buffo who said, ” So, when will GW sue the convention?”  Soon, my friend, soon… And probably they will also sue China.

– Somewhere in a deep dark hole, someone thought it would be a good idea to start a Boycott on GW products to protest the recent price hikes and such.  Reportedly people are asked not to buy for 2 months, in a effort to show GW the “power of the people.  Im not going to comment on whether or not people should participate in this event… But From a philosophical point of view I believe that Governments and Businesses all report to their people and if their people aren’t happy, those entities should listen.

– In other news, Eldargal provided us a quote from Dakkadakka about how GW is wanting to change the direction of White Dwarf magazine.  Here are the main points.  1. White Dwarf will print it before internal sources know about it.  This way WD is the first source with new releases.  2. GW wants to put more serious content in WD (Like old times). 3. WD will be released closer to the release dates of new products to prevent leaks.  All in all the hobby community would support a change for the positive with WD.  We all would love to have a GOOD periodical that actually covers the hobby and isn’t just an Advertisment vehicle to pimp your wares.  That said, it is still GW’s magazine and we can’t possibly expect that they aren’t going to use their own medium to peddle their wares.  Some people are clamoring for rules updates in WD and such, but as a TO I can tell you it will get messy quick if people are pulling rules out of dozens of different White Dwarf Magazines… Heck, I remember when vehicle datasheet used to come in WD via “Codex approved,” and there were always arguments about using said vehicles. (Maybe that was because I was 12? Meh)

– Forgeworld, home of the stuff you would almost sell your home for,  came out with some freaking beautiful Dark Eldar stuff (dark Eldar reaver).  Like many of their jobs this is a must see!  They also released some old school marine heavy weapons sets that were all mounted on the shoulders.  Anyone who ever wanted to do a legit pre-heresy army now can go nuts.  All the heavy weapons are based off the old RT miniatures, and have a real classic look to them.  More and more I am loving Forgeworld…They really seem to listen to what people want.

–  Though I don’t follow WHFB as much as I should there has been a lot of stir lately about the Storm of Magic release set to come out soon.  The Loungers have been busy bees getting to the bottom of most of the rumors.  Favorite comment: “The cockatrice looks like a death Chicken.”  All in all I hope that this expansion/supplement isn’t a total flop like everything past apoc. has been.

– Blackadder is a mad scientist!  He recently started a project that has as its massive end goal as: Scratch-building an entire Thunderhawk!  I have seen some scratch building before and it is all very impressive.  His is coming along great and some of the details are starting to show.  I eagerly await his updates… But next time Im bringing a towel to catch my drool.

That is all this week folks.  I hope you all got some level of pleasure out of the Lounge recap this week.  If you feel that there was a thread or person who deserves mentioning on the main page shoot me an email dukesinferno (at) Gmail (dot) com.

Remember: Stay Bloodthirsty my friends! And happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!



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