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Dukes Lounge Recap

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Jun 27 2011
Duke on Languages:
 “Unless the whole blog post is going to be in Spanish, don’t start with ‘Hola’,”
Hey internet Duke from Dukes inferno here… Time to go over to the Lounge and see what has been happening this week.   There has sure been a lot of discussion out there, so lets get right into it.

Just the Facts Ma’am:
– Discussion grows around 6th edition rumors. LINK
– Last weeks Cosplay thread develops into talking about how to make your own costumes LINK
– The Finecast discussion continues, and continues, and continues… LINK
– Lord Gimpet makes some really cool Eldar Terrain. LINK
– There was an interesting read about historical parallels with the WHFB Empire and the real world. LINK
– Pictures of the new storm of magic sprues are posted up by Eldargal. LINK
The Deets!

– As we all know, rumors of 6th edition 40k have been floating all around the web lately.  In my opinion it sounds like some early play testing mixed with a lot of wish listing.  Loungers have embraced some of the new rumored rules, like pre-measuring and using pistol stats in CC.  While others have been fallen upon with a vengeance, (Buying assets and first turn with strategy points.)  All in all everyone pretty much doesn’t feel like this is the final word on what 6th edition will or will not include.  My personal feeling is that there isn’t that much that needs to be changed with 5th ed… If 6th is in fact coming I hope the changes are smaller (like 4th ed – 5th ed) and not huge like (2nd ed to 3rd ed).

– Last week I talked about the Cosplay thread.  Well, this week it was back on track and grew in an interesting direction…  The Loungers discussed how they could go about making full scale 40k costumes out of things like Platinum based RTV silicone and/ or Dragonskin.  Admittedly, I have no experience with anything like this…But it was very cool to read about.  There were also some excellent links provided to people who make life size costumes professionally.  Check it out.

– In all honesty, I am growing tired of the Finecast discussion, but I felt this week had some interesting news points. Reportedly, Wayland games sent its entire stock of finecast miniatures back to GW, when doing this they cited that the Quality of the pieces was lacking and as such they would not stock it.  This is a very interesting action.  What are your feelings on what Wayland has (reportedly) done?

– Every gaming group needs one… The terrain guy!  This week Lord Gimpet makes you wish that he played in your local group.  There is some truly beautiful Eldar Terrain features in this thread.  I know from experience how irritating it can be to make good Eldar terrain, simply because everything has to be perfectly symmetrical and such.  Towards the end of the thread he also gives us a few shots of his pinned revenant titan, if your ever planning on assembling a revenant I would look at how he has done the pinning…it is vital!

– For those of you who like history, head on over and read about the historical links to the empire in WHFB and real life.  I love this sort of thing…  We all know that many of the Races in WHFB are based off real races on earth, but this goes into a little more detail than just “Empire= Germany… Brettonia = France” etc.  If your a history buff this is a cool read, even if you don’t play WHFB.

– Thanks to Eldargal who acquired some really cool sprue pics of the Dragon coming in the Storm of magic stuff.  We also get a few great pictures of the sample spells and the manticore and Griffon entries.  If your trying to follow what is happening on the Storm of Magic front, I would suggest reading this thread.

That is all this week folks.

Is there a thread or person that deserves a mention in the recap? Shoot me a PM over on the Lounge.


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