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EXCLUSIVE: Warpath Orx Marauders – Pt.2

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Jun 19 2011

So by all now, you’ve all heard of Mantic Games new Sci-fi game coming this fall: Warpath.  Lets follow up on part one and check out evem more of the Orx coming to a tabletop near you soon…

Here the background on this race again (one of the two starter races for the game) from Mantic:

The Marauder civilization are a relatively new race of space-faring Orx that spend their time raiding other systems, practicing space piracy, and above all selling their services as mercenaries to anybody that is willing to hire them.

The art depicts the basic Marauder Grunts – your boots on the ground, bog standard infantry. The concepts run through the general style of the troopers, their armour and weapons, as well as how the different pieces in the kit might fit together. More of Mantic’s recent models have been derived from concept art, so you can expect something very similar when pictures of models actually surface.

Grunts are just one of the list entries for the Marauders, and you’ll need to sign-up to get your free copy of the beta rules and army lists, as well as all the latest Warpath news at

And here are just a few shots of their basic trooper and weapons.  For the older article with more accessories look here.

Enjoy!  So who’s up for some more variety in the sci-fi 28mm tabletop space?

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