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My Red Praetorian Grey Knightless Army Part 1

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Jun 5 2011

Howdy folks, CrazyRedPraetorian here with the run down on my latest army, Grey Knights. At least, my version of the not so Grey and not so Knight like army that I am currently working on.

I have been rather outspoken in the past about my views on “counts-as” and nothing has changed. I still do not like the codex hopping generic marine armies that are showing up at tournaments across the nation. However, as a long time modeler I do appreciate armies with tons of creativity and trick conversions. I hope this army come across as labor of love, because that’s what it is. Is it count-as? Most definitely, it will have many count-as models and tons of conversions. In fact, most of the models will be a conversion of some type.

This will be the first installment about this army, and features my Dread Knight conversion. When I first saw this model, I had no plans to do a Grey Knight army. But, when I saw this kit, I instantly thought of putting a Sentinel cockpit on the front in place of the diaper wearing terminator. The Dread Knight is the reason I am building this army. So, naturally it was the first to be built. I plan on having two in the army, one with just an Heavy Incinerator and the one pictured with Heavy Psilencer and Heavy Psycannon. Now stop the laughter, I know that it is not the most effective build. This army is for fun and I want to roll a bunch of dice So, the Heavy Psilencer got the nod. Rolling a dozen dice makes me happy, @#%$!*.

On to the conversion work. It was a pretty straight forward conversion with a minimum of modifications required. Here is what I did.

  1. I used a Dremel tool to grind away the excess plastic on the chest piece of the DK. I did this just under where the harness would normally attach.
  2. Next, I did some more grinding on the back of the Sentinel to make it “shorter” and able to flush mount.
  3. Grind away the “waist” piece for the terminator.
  4. Cut off the foot pegs on the thigh of the DK. I later installed some extra armor to the thighs where the foot pegs were originally.
  5. I  cut two pieces of plastic tubing approximately 5/8″ long to go between the lower part of the cockpit and the DK chest piece. This strengthens the model and allows you to adjust the angle of the cockpit to your liking.
  6. I also, cut the head off of a Praetorian(gasp!) Lt. and put it on the Sentinel driver. I have since bought some of Col. Gravis’s great looking Praetorian heads  for converting non-Praetorian models. I will be featuring them in the next installment.
  7. I still plan on adding a crotch banner and banner to the top, as well.


I don’t know how this army will be received by the community here on BoLS but I do know that it has been a blast to build ,so far. What else is in the army? Ghouls as Arco-Flagellants, Wyches as Death Cult Assassins, Guardsmen as Henchmen, Flagellants as Pykers, Epic Land Raider/Cadian kit bashes as Servitors, and others. What do you think? Am I going to get kicked out of the Count-As Hater Club?

Thanks for reading!
Now Go Roll Some Dice!!!

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