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FFG NEWS: DUST Warfare Announced – By Andy Chambers

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Jul 30 2011

Well, well, well, looks like Andy has been keeping himself busy.  Check out this new tabletop game just announced.  Note the author…

Look what FFG just pulled the covers off of

The year is 1947, and World War II still rages, fueled by the discovery of alien technology. The world’s superpowers have developed unprecedented weaponry, including lasers, phaser cannons, and massive combat walkers. These war machines stride across the battlefield, protected by their heavy armor, and devastate enemy troops with their fearsome cannons.

Dust Warfare players assume the roles of generals, each commanding a custom-built army of squads, walkers, and heroes. Draw upon Axis might or Allied versatility as you wage ferocious battles for control of the rare ore, VK, needed to fuel the most powerful of the superpowers’ weapons.
Dust Warfare players build armies from the exact same set of miniatures as Dust Tactics. This means that if you already own a Dust Tactics army, all you need is the Dust Warfare rulebook. All the stunning Dust Tactics miniatures will be useable for Dust Warfare immediately upon its release, and as both games go forward, they will continue to draw from the same wealth of fantastically detailed miniatures.
Designed by Andy Chambers, the Dust Warfare rulebook introduces unprecedented player engagement. Players first get drawn into the action during the Command Phase, where you have to choose how to spend command points during an escalating battle. You might spend command points early and often to advance and sustain an early lead, or you might save them up for dramatic late-game effects that may decisively turn the tide of battle. The Command Phase presents players with the chance to exert their influence and command style upon the field of battle in an engaging new way.
Players have the chance to activate all their forces during the Unit Phase, and reaction mechanics keep you fully engaged throughout your opponent’s turns. As enemy units close in on yours or begin to open fire, you can choose to spend actions from your next turn to react. Keen commanders will make good use of their reaction options. They will also learn how best to feint and bait their opponents to react, draining them of available actions.
As the battle heats up and casualties mount, you need to keep a sharp eye toward your army’s morale. The constant barrage of enemy fire can suppress your units or even force them to retreat. You may try to lay suppression fire even when you can’t destroy your enemy’s unit. Sometimes, just pinning them down can give you the edge you need.
~Hmmm, is it just me, or are the new tabletop wargaming choices just popping out of the woodwork these days?  Between Mantic, Spartan, FFG, and all the rest of the newcomers its looking good from a customer choice point of view these days..

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