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Spacecurves’ WAR Games Con Plans

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Jul 8 2011

WAR Games Con is today, and I am excited!  I had a great time last year, and am really looking forward to spending time with my 40k friends from across the country. I’m going to play in the mirror match tournament and the Warhammer 40k GT.  

First let me talk about the mirror match.  This is an awesome event concept that I don’t think has been done before.  Everyone plays the exact same vannilla marine list, and battles it out over the course of a day.  No whining about bad matchups, everyone has the same tools! I know a lot of really good players are signed up for this event so it is sure to be a blast.  To all you other mirror matchers, prepare for an education in Space Marine tactics!

check out the identical Mirror Match tables
The Warhammer 40k grand tournament is of course the flagship event of the convention. It is seven games over two days, with many of the best players in the country in attendance. I managed to win the whole thing last year, so I am looking forward to defending my title!  I know I’ll have a big target on my back so this should be fun.  I’m taking my trusty salamanders again this year.  Here is the army list:

Vulkan He’Stan
Librarian: Null Zone, Gate of Infinity , combi-flamer 
5 Assault Terminators: TH/SS  
Dreadnought: twin-linked auto-cannon, twin-linked auto-cannon 
10 Marines, meltagun, missile launcher, Sgt. with Power fist andcombi-melta + Rhino w Dozer Blade
10 Marines, flamer, missile launcher, Sgt. with Power fist and combi-flamer + Rhino w Dozer Blade
10 Marines, flamer, missile launcher, combi-flamer + Razorback w heavy bolters
Land Speeder:  heavy bolter, typhoon missiles
Land Speeder:  heavy bolter, typhoon missiles 
Attack Bikes: 2 attack bikes with multi-meltas

Land Raider: extra armor, Multi-Melta
Thunderfire Cannon
Just like last year, I’m taking a solid, basic marine list.  No crazy combos really, just a lot of play options and all the tools I need. I do have a lot more long range shooting than last time.  This change is basically motivated by the release of Dark Eldar and Grey Knights, both of which can shred me in a 24 inch fire-fight or in assault, so I need to be able to stay back and out-range them. Overall though it is the same core army I have used for two years. 

So to all you 40k players who want my title, bring it on, I’ll be waiting on table 1!

-Look for lots of event coverage over the weekend everybody. Spacecurves

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