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40K RUMORS: 6th Edition and Beyond

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Aug 10 2011

Look hard at that top image people.  You’ve been warned.  That said, it’s summer; lets have some rumormill fun!

Now, that the brave (or foolhardy) among you are still up for some rumor craziness, fasten your seatbelts and take a gander at this:

Here’s a few of the more radioactive ones, just for fun…

Oh by the way, Chaos Legions by March 1012 and 6th edition by October 2012, which will feature Eldar as the poster child. Heavy Xenos influence for 6th edition, including the long-awaited Tau update.

Matt Ward? Gone. Don’t expect him to be writing any more Codices. His baby was 5th edition, and now that 5th edition is up, Ward is done. Board Members for GW? 3 of the old geezers gone. Company-wide changes. Everything since Tyranids? Made for 6th edition.

Speaking of 6th edition again, the main rulebook that comes out is supposed to be ‘the book to rule all books’. It’ll have ways to include Superheavies and rules for Fliers in regular games, and should errata a lot of rules in Apocalypse, past FAQ’s, and past Codices to make it all fit together.

~I’ll let you make what you will of these.  Often the best rumors have a percentage of truth mixed in with just enough misinformation (or even trial balloons) to keep folks on their toes.  Sound like something you’d want to play?

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