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40K Rumors: Necron Special Rules

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Aug 8 2011

Some new tidbits are floating around out there for what is said to be the next codex arriving in Q4 this year. Lets take a look at some Toasters special rules…

Following up on the purported Necron transports, here’s what the latest internet scuttlebutt is saying about Necron Special Rules…

Reanimation: – An updated variant of We’ll Be Back. Models with this rule who were killed last turn roll a d6 at the end of each phase, regardless of what caused the wound (thunder hammer, etc…); standing back up on a 5+. Res Orbs makes this a 4+ roll if within 6″.

Eternal Life: – for ICs, this  grants a Reanimation roll after the model loses its last wound. If successful, the IC stands back up with 1 wound and, if within 1″of enemy models is placed in assault with them.

Living Metal: – Crew Shaken results are ignored on a 2+, Crew Stunned results are ignored on a 4+. All other current codex benefits are removed.

Gauss Weapons: – Armor penetration rolls of 6 auto-glance, to-wound rolls of 6 auto wound.

Oh yeah, almost forgot… while on the subject of last week’s Necron Transports there is this nugget:

they looked like they had solid keel along the bottom like a spine. Coming from the spine were sort of rib type protrusions coming up

~Standard Caveats apply.  Overall, this seems to fit the simpler, cleaner, cheaper (and thus higher model count) theme we’ve been hearing about Necrons for several months now…


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