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So When Did I Become An Antiques Dealer?

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Aug 22 2011

I received an unexpected gift last Friday… and aren’t those the best kind?  Besides being more exciting than a stack of Land Raiders, it started me thinking about collecting models.

Specifically, my collection of models.  Despite the advances in casting technology and the production of ever-better models, I find myself more and more attracted to the older range.

It’s hitting the nostalgia button something awful.

Hello again folks, Brent here on a Terrible Tuesday, and this is the line where I pimp my little corner of the Blogosphere, Strictly Average.  I’m a blog whore I am.

That out of the way, this 2-part article is about:

  • …sharing pictures from my collection and hopefully impressing upon you, Faithful Reader, the appeal in an age of ‘new and better,’
  • …and discussing the direction I intend to take my hobby over the next few years.

As always, this isn’t about talking the topicality out of a subject; the discussion will continue in the Comments.  Play nice!

The old Dreadnoughts!  I still use these, the first in my Homage RTB1 Marine army… and some of you might recognize Bjorn the Fell Claw, the Ever Ready Champion of the Brotherhood.

The original Land Raider.  Yes, the new one is an improvement, no doubt, but a buddy of mine (new to the hobby) hated this model.  It isn’t that bad – I can’t believe it!  You got two to a box.  Two. For. A. Box!

Ah, the original Screamer Killer Carnifexes!  This is the model that inspired my Bugs! army… and yea, I’ll get off my butt and get to work on it again soon.  These babies deserve to hit the field!  Love ’em.

Here’s a selection of models from my Homage army.  I love these.  I pick these up whenever possible, and in most cases that means Ebay… and a lot of cleaning.  Again, I see the massive improvement in the newer range, but to me it’s a model, and it appeals to me and my desire for a unique army.

In the Fantasy range, the older models stand up quite well in some cases.  These hang out in a Gors unit and don’t look out of place.  Anyone recognize the layout here?

Ah, a crown in my collection!  These are about to hit the bath, soon to join the Brotherhood; currently they’re the last of my old Harbingers Space Marines Army, so it’s hard to use them when they look so out of place.  These are from the Space Crusade game, and for those of you in the know here’s this:  someone stole my 4-armed Dread.  I’m still angry.

I have more, much more, but this was kept to strictly painted product – even if the painting is a bit dated!

Not to be outdone, Big Red pointed me in the direction of his now classic article, which you can find here.  I snatched two pictures out of the Matrix…

Moving on, I’m aware this is less wordy than normal for a Terrible Tuesday offering, but I want to do the next part of this article justice.

Next week: an analysis on the current state of collecting, some possible trends to expect, and where I plan to take my hobby.

Here’s a preview pick, the unexpected generosity that inspired it all, a gift from the Master Manipulator (every store needs one)… no doubt he’s manipulating me…


And a bonus!  Not all the old stuff is any good!  Let’s play ‘Name That Model.’

So, are you a fan of the old or the new… or a bit of both?  Do you still have your old armies?  Do you still use them?  When did you get into the hobby, and does that influence your opinion?

Thoughts?  Comments?  Hugs and gropings?

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