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40K RUMORS: Imperial Guard On the Way

Sep 19 2011

Its looking like the Imperial Guard will get a monthly release slot in the near future.  Here’s the latest:

 Via Eldargal (and StickMonkey before her)

2012 Q1 IG Release Slot

-Plastic Stormtroopers/Veterans Kit
-Plastic Hydra Kit
-Plastic Griffon/Medusa/Colossus Kit

Well that entirely rounds out the Imperial Guard Vehicle stable.  We’ve seen mockup pics of those plastic Stormtroopers for years now; it would be nice to finally see them get the green light.

I can already imagine the Tyranid players acidic tears.  You can get more details and follow the conversation on the BoLS Lounge here.

  • Wargames Gallery 9-16-11