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GW RUMORS: Mystery Box “not Man-o-War” Info

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Sep 3 2011

Ok, its *not* Man-o-War, but apparently “Dread Fleet” or as we affectionally call it around here “SeaHammer” is headed your way on the high seas.  Here what we’re hearing…

Take it away Lounge RumorMistress Eldargal:

It’s a game in a box with two complete plastic fleets and islands in it.
Like Space Hulk, complete and unexpandable.
Lots of all new color art.

It isn’t actually called Man O War, and it doesn’t use the MOW mechanics, but it is a game of naval combat set in the Warhammer World, which is why I called it Man O War.

The title has an S in it, so the GW Marketing team can stay on chapter one of The ABC Marketing Book with A for Alliteration.


OK as there seems to be some debate about what “fleets” are available try this for size.

The story is basically that the Empire get ticked off with Sartosan Vampire Pirates making off with their goods. So they assemble a dirty dozen/magnificent seven style possee to hunt them down. Each “side” (I would say fleet but that seems to be causing confusion) has around seven models. So the “sides” are Empire v Vampires, but each “side” contains iconic examples of some other races boats.

The “Empire”side has a Dwarf, Elf, Bret, Witchhunter ship and some others.
The Vampires have assorted aquatic dead icons: Ghost Ship, Egyptian Death Barge, Davy Jonez locker etc.


So there isn’t a Dwarf fleet, or the possibility to build one. There’s a Dwarf boat. Same for elves, and Orcs and Skaven are right outta luck.

It is a two player game with a series of linked missions like Space Hulk, so you don’t use all your ships in every game.

Scale isn’t WarMaster (1/300 scale, 10mm size of a foot figure), nor is it MoW. It’s a size to allow the sculptors to make cool, individual boats. Like the cool individual Terminators in Space Hulk.

Some years ago there was a plan to do 28mm Sartosan Vampire Pirates. That got canned. However the Vampire Models were made and John Blanche did a crap-load of concept art. That art has been re-used for some of this.

I heard it was out in Seaptember but that was some months ago. Looks like it swapped with Ogretobre.

That’s all I got,and I heard it all months ago from the mouth of a horse, so some of it may have changed.

Pre-orders start September 17th guys and gals…


~Hmm, interesting. I’m having a hard time thinking the general success of Spartan Game’s Uncharted Seas has something to do with this one…  So what do you think of that set of rumors gang?

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