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Nova Open 2011 Coverage

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Sep 11 2011

Wow what a week for all of us on the East Coast! First was an Earthquake of all things, about 30 miles from Spikey Bits Central, then of course a hurricane skirted up the coast, dumping a ton of rain and knocking out power all over the place.

Somewhere in middle of all that Nova Open went down.

I think I played 15 games of Warhammer 40k from Thursday night on, so details are a little blurry (from that itself and all the beer).

Here at Spikey Bits we were onsite vending, as well as TheWarStore, Battlefoam, and Black Library respectively. If you didn’t make it this year cause of mother nature and such, be sure to check it out in 2012 for sure as the vendor floor was the hot place to be between rounds!

Okay back to the event. If you are unfamiliar with the play at the Nova Open, checkout the primer missions. It’s basically a win/lose format, with 3 ways to potentially win (similar to how Adepticon was earlier this year).  Personally I’m am still on the fence about this format, but I will say one thing for sure, it seems to make games come right down to the wire.
I really like the fact that to control a table quarter you need to have more Victory Points in the quadrant then your opponent, and Scoring Units count for full victory points even if they are below half strength.
What I didn’t like was adding up victory points after each game as part of the scoring. That’s a ton of post game work, and each time it seemed like I had to remind my opponents exactly how victory points were scored, stealing precious minutes of my beer time.  Selfish I know, lol.
For the invitational I ran Master Shake’s Orkquisition, but it really wasn’t good at this format which seems to favor armies with Multiple Scoring Units.
I’m sure he and I will be tweeking the list later on. It hits like a ton of bricks but just lacks the rear end for managing multiple objective missions.

At the Nova Open GT itself I ran my Iron Angels (more on that army later). I went 6-2 overall, and withdrew at the championship game for my bracket to get packed up and head back.

I really like the list I have, it just need a better choice at the Heavy Slot.

Overall a great event on both the vendor, and gaming front. If you live on the East Coast it’s definitely worth checking out! 

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