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40K: Finally….The Planet of Misfit Toys Campaign!

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Oct 16 2011
  Hey Everyone, CrazyRedPraetorian here with something that should be a fun send off for every one’s favorite toasters and a great reason to pull those Tau armies out of the closet and dust them off.

These two armies have been as scarce as hens teeth in the last few years and it is time for them to get some exercise. Especially, with the GW’s impending release of a new Necron codex, that is anticipated to be the next “the sky is falling!!!” powerdex.
I have to apologize because I originally planned this campaign to include the Dark Angels and Black Templar and then they got the GW FAQ face lift and they didn’t quite qualify as total misfits anymore. So….they are off the Island…er Planet. The release of the FAQ really upset the plans for the campaign I had planned. I started planning a revised campaign and then the tournament season kicked in. I got busy, tournaments, terrain building parties, tournaments, I was working a new job, my son moved in with me, and I am a procrastinator. So, I offer my apologies for the delay. 
To get this done, I’m going to have to ask for the communities support. That’s right dear readers, I need participation from YOU! I have some missions written and will post one up every week. If I don’t BigRed has promised to send The Girl over to scold me like a cussin’  BoLS commenter until the mission is up. Anyhow, you guys….and gals(Yes Brent Unicorns DO exist.) are welcome to play the missions how you like, just have fun. But, what I would really like is if some of you would do battle reports, either written with pictures or video and send them in to BoLS [email protected], or post them yourselves in the Lounge 40k Batrep forum. The best of the reports will see print here on BoLS. So, it is a campaign and a contest all wrapped up into one. Below is the mission, I hope everyone has fun!
The Planet of Misfit Toys
Week One: 1500 pts
The Story so far, the Tau in their quest to expand their empire have discovered a planet at the edge of Imperial Territory.The planet is designated Nor Pol III. The Tau see this as a chance to establish a launching point into Imperial Territory. They see this planet as a crucial resource in expanding their civilization. After all it is for the greater good. The building of the settlements are almost complete when the construction crews dig up some ruins. In their haste to build, the Tau have awakened the Necrons from their slumber. A battle breaks out instantly and spreads across the various settlements. Both sides are in a desperate battle, the need for data on the enemy is equally important for both sides…….
Deployment: 12″ deployment, Night Fight turn one.
Primary Objective: ( Totally stolen from AdamHarry): 6 objectives are placed anywhere on the board, at least 12” from each other, each player places 3 objectives on their opponents half of the table. At the start of each player turn starting with turn 2 roll a D6 for each unit holding a single objective, on a 5 or 6 the objective and the unit holding it are teleported to their base/ship with crucial data. The objective now belongs to that player. The unit that captured it goes into reserve returning via Deep Strike. 2 pts for each objective captured.
Secondary Objective: Table Quarters, 3 pts for each uncontested table quarter.
Tertiary Objective: Kill Points. 1 pt for each unit killed.
+1 Bonus Point: if you kill all enemy HQs
I hope to see some great battle reports from the community and I’m sure we’ll have one or two done here locally as well. Have fun and…..
Go Roll Some Dice!!!
CRP Out!

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