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40K: Murmors of 6th Edition

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Oct 27 2011

Looks like some more “leaks” are making the rounds regarding Warhammer 40000 6th Edition and the next few codices…

via Dakka’s MarikLaw

He/She wouldn’t go into specifics, but said that a lot of what had been said online was true, some of it wasn’t entirely correct, and some of it was correct but just worded extremely poorly to a point where it made the rule seem more complex than it actually was or made the rule seem somehow different. He/She said he/she had played games using the new rulebook and said that the games didn’t take much longer to complete than they already are, if anything they were making a point that some of the more convoluted rules have been streamlined and some of the rules that were “too basic” got changed as well. He/She said that, if anything, the game feels much more strategic with the new rulebook, though he/she did say that some of the rules take “a bit of getting used to.”

EDIT: Codex books won’t be invalidated by the new rules apparently, but the new rulebook will come with an FAQ section for each already existing army to clarify any confusion or mix-ups in concern to the new rules.

Also, to those worried about the lack of Imperial releases, my source did say that new models and finecast were coming out over the next year for a few Imperial loyalist armies, including Imperial Guard, and that after Eldar we’d be, and I quote, “sick of Imperial releases.”

As for why they chose certain armies over armies that needed it more (Dark Angels, Black Templars, etc), it was apparently due to lore/fluff reasons. Chaos is going to be a major threat come 6th Edition to everyone, not just the Imperium, and apparently they (Chaos) will have a front against the Tau Empire, hence why Tau are getting a release before-hand. The perspective/narrative is also changing apparently and it won’t be only or heavily Imperial, he/she said that GW wanted to make some of the other “good” races (Tau Empire, Eldar) feel just as important as the Imperium when it comes to lore/fluff and the fate of the galaxy. This was apparently some of the reasoning behind why Tau Empire and Eldar are getting books before armies like Dark Angels and Black Templars.

As for the actual Tau Empire rules, all my source was willing to say was that a good deal of the rumours currently on the internet about Tau are true, but that some were false or just poorly worded, and that he/she couldn’t give out or confirm/deny specifics as he/she “might get in trouble.” Apparently, some GW staff are allowed to leak certain details to the public via the internet, but are very specific as to what is allowed to be said by who.


Just asked my source about the two Chaos books ghost21 mentioned. He said that Legions was coming first and that Renegades would first get a WD article soon after that and that a new Codex would come out later (about 1-2 years after the WD article).

For those worried that Tau Empire aren’t going to be as mean as a post-6th Edition Codex, fear not. From what my source said, the last several Codex books are going to have “the shortest FAQs in the rulebook” as they were “designed with the 6th Edition rules in mind.”

Hmmm, a lot of this falls into the “reasonable educated guess” category of rumors, with few new details.  For me the big picture trends to note are the continued assumption of 6th in the middle of next year, mention of Chaos LEGIONS (as opposed to Chaos MARINES), and further chatter regarding Q1 Tau and Q3-4 Eldar.

~Interesting, but as usual, standard caveats apply.  Have at it gang. 

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