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40K: Name that Plural!

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Oct 5 2011

You know how a group of Dolphins is a Pod and a group of Lions is a Pride?  We wargamers have some wordsmithing to do…

Having proper vocabulary is a key sign of a advanced civil society.  So let’s forge ahead my fellow literary enthusiasts.  We as the online purveyors of wargames need to come up with appropriate plural terms for all of our most loved, hated, and lamentable units out there.

Here is sample list of infamous, and lamentable  units that can be fielded in large numbers. 

– Venoms
– Chimeras
– Razorbacks
– Purifiers
– Thunderwolves
– Nob Bikers
– Lootas
– Long Fangs
– Dreadnoughts
– Grots
– Chaos Spawn
– Paladins
– Sororitas
– Termagaunts
– Vespids

The list goes on, but you get the point.  Your job is to suggest a plural term for one (or more) of these in the comments.  You can only put up one suggestion per comment, and you may use any unit, not just the ones listed above.  You however MUST use the following format so everyone can follow along (just cut and paste it):

I hereby put forward the following suggestion for consideration. The plural form of  [INSERT UNIT NAME] shall be a [PLURAL NAME], and shall be composed of [ INSERT #] models. 

(next sentence is optional)
Additionally, a full [SUPERSET NAME] shall be composed of [INSERT #]  [PLURAL NAME]s.  Thank you for your consideration.

If you want to add on an example of your terms in a sentence, feel free. 

We will go over all the entrants and post the “winners” next week and encourage everyone to use them in your wargaming endeavors.

~ Remember, the language filter is on, keep it clean gang. Have fun!


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