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40K Open Thread: Necrons are the Height of Shooting?

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Oct 30 2011

Matt Ward came out and said that Necrons are designed as the top shooting army in the game.  Oh really?

The money quote in the Ward piece is this:

Mat Ward, author of Codex: Necrons, defines the army as an ‘elite shooty army’. Indeed, a quick glance over the Necron Wargear section will leave even the most stalwart Tau or Space Marines player green with envy.

Here’s the full background of the piece and the unit rundowns here via Blood of Kittens.

so along with good ole TastyTaste, I have a couple of questions here.

1) What role is left for the Tau in the game?  If Necrons have shooting, a weakness in assault, backed with newfound mobility and transport units and are resiliant, where exactly do our favorite blue socialists fit in?

2) We’ll see how this all turns out.  This is the first time we have an overt design goal stated in black and white before the rules come out.  In a month or so, the tourney scene will have the whole codex dismantled like a watch to see what makes it tick.  It will be interesting to see if Ward accomplished his goal.

~Have at it gang.  What do you think the role of the necrons should be, and how do we leave a “sweet spot” for the other armies who need updating (Tau, Eldar, Chaos, etc…) to live in?


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