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40K/WFB RUMORS: Necron 1st Wave, a Large Manse and Tau…

Oct 20 2011

Some more info this fine Friday morning.  Details emerge on the first wave Necrons minis and some upcoming holiday terrain. Also Tau – maybe…

First Necrons
So first off,  talk of the Necron First wave, arriving on shelves on November 5th, (official announcement said to go up October 30) .

-Four plastic boxes
-Four Finecast characters
-One Finecast regiment/unit box

Also a picture has emerged of one of the new Necron units – Crypteks here, along with Necron 1st wave speculation.

Second – Terrain
On the traditional holiday oversized terrain side of things, thre is a massive Fantasy Mansion described as follows:

-Skullvane Manse

Its Huge. Huge like “look at the size of that thing!” it features an astronomy-tower and yes, it also has some huge skulls. I guess it’s aproximatly as high as the mage tower, but it is at least three times as wide. You will like it. -Bramgaunt

So effectivly the Fortress of Redemption sized kit for Fantasy.  Games Workshop does like to drop oversized terrain stocking stuffers over the holiday season.

Finally, Tau! (really)
Last but not least, there is suddenly chatter going up that Tau may be sneaking into the late Q1 2012 release slot (where Grey Knights were this year) as the next 40k codex. There has been conflicting chatter of late of either Tau/Eldar for this last slot leading up to the 6th Edition summer launch featuring Chaos Marines.


~Lots to mull over gang.  Have fun.

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