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BATTLE REPORT #100: Great Crusade Conclusion + Play Aid (video)

Oct 12 2011

Battle report #100 reaches its exciting conclusion. And now the exciting climax to our Pre-Heresy Apocalypse linked table extravaganza.

Last week we cranked out a nice little tale of  a Great Crusade War of Compliance and some dastardly intrigue. 

We put together a linked three table Apocalypse game with a massive Ork Waaagh putting up their three most nasty Warbosses to face down Horus, Angron, and Mortarion.  The Adeptus Custodes and Eldar were poking their noses around as well, but the real intrigue happened amongst the players who wanted to give Darkwynn a game he wouldn’t soon forget! Hehehehe….

So kick back and enjoy our ragtag gang of writers duking it out over some brews on a leisurely weekend, and download the missionpack our good friends the Fly Lords cooked up to give it a try with your own group of friends.

Great Crusade climax – part two

Great Crusade campaign – part one

~Have fun with this one guys. Get painting, and have a fantastic fluff (and beer) filled weekend with your campaign inclined buddies!

  • Wargames Gallery 10-10-11