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Feast of Blades: Less Than One Month to Go

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Oct 9 2011

Feast of Blades in less than one month away now and tickets are flying off the shelves (If we had shelves).  Make sure you don’t miss out on the next big GT and register now!  All of your favorite BOLS writers are going to be there. Don’t miss out, all your friends will laugh at you if you do.

 November 4-6
Denver, Colorado
The Red Lion 4040 Quebec St.

Feast of Blades is looking to be a really great time for all kinds of different players but don’t take our word for it, here is what others have had to say.

Fritz: General coverage
11th company: Feast of Blades TO Interview (Episode 87 1:11:00)

3++: Daily coverage of our missions 1 by 1.
Fly Lords of Terra: General coverage
Spikey Bits: General coverage

Here is a run down of the events we have scheduled for this years Feast of Blades.

Important links:
Link to our full schedule
Sign up for our Newsletter.
Book your hotel room.
Purchase tickets
Feast of Blades home page

40k Doubles Charity Tournament (On behalf of wounded warrior.) Buy tickets
        – Missions based around the wounded warrior theme, buy re-rolls and smoke screens and the money goes to charity!

40k “Qual by fire”
         – So you didn’t qualify for the Invitational and you want one more swing at it? We will take the winners of this event and fill any no-shows/drops in the invitational. Please see our FAQ for details.

Warmamhordes Death Race:  Buy tickets
         –  The first of three tournaments this weekend, top four winners will qualify for the big showdown tournament on Sunday.

Demos, side Games, Painting classes, 40k pod racing, Character ‘royal rumble,’ Ultramarines screening, Open gaming pairing services, Armies on Parade, Miniature flea market all happening throughout Fridays schedule. We won’t stop you until you can’t stand anymore and decide to go to bed (Play till ???? in the morning)

40k Invitational: Day one
          – 4 games, highly competitive atmosphere, must qualify to play 2000pts.
40k Open GT: Day one Buy tickets (good for both days).
          – 4 games, Casual-competitive atmosphere, anyone can play 2000pts.
40k Narrative Track: Buy tickets (good for both days)
          – Pit yourself and all comers against the Feast of Blades 30,000 point Eldar army,including the awe-inspiring Phantom titan! All comers welcome.  Players will be pitted against ‘the house,’ Prizes awarded for achieving goals and amazing feats of strength. Missions will be in a themed ‘story,’ format with each race having different goals and objectives.
Warmahordes Steamroller tournament: Buy tickets
          – The second of three tournaments, top four winners qualify for the big showdown on Sunday.
Infinity tournament: buy tickets
          – Looking to be the largest infinity tournament ever.

Demos, side Games, Painting classes, 40k pod racing, Character ‘royal rumble,’ Open gaming pairing services, Armies on Parade, Ultramarines screening on the projector (drinking game?), Miniature flea market all happening throughout Saturdays schedule. We won’t stop you until you can’t stand anymore and decide to go to bed (Play till ???? in the morning)

40k Invitational: Day two
         – 3 games
40k Open: Day two
         – 3 games
40k Narrative game:
         – 3 rounds
Warmahordes Prime tournament: 
         – By qualification only, must win any of the other two previous tournaments top four slots.
Warmahordes Narrative gaming:
         – Didn’t qualify for the Prime tournament? You can still have tons of fun.
Demos, open gaming, painting classes.

Awards done by 4:30

Why should you come?
Yes, the mainline tournament is the Invitational, but we have strived very hard to have tournaments and events that reach out to all levels of the hobby.  We don’t try to force one variation of the hobby on you.  If you like hard fought competition then try to qualify for the invitational, if you like a more casual-competitiive style then play in the open GT.  If you like themed battles and titans play in the narrative.  Lastly, if you just want to paint we have slayer sword and golden daemon winners giving their tips and tricks away all weekend in highly dedicated classes.  When your done with your events at the close of the day we will keep you busy with all sorts of ‘beer and pretzel,’ events.  If you’re in bed at 11:00 PM it isn’t because there isn’t anything else to do!
If you have any questions send them to: [email protected]

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