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Outside the Box – 10-13-2011

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Oct 13 2011

And here we go again, twice a week! But don’t get used to it 🙂

Today have more news from Warlord Games, Bane Legion, Khurasan Miniatures, Mantic Games, Wargames Factory, Bushido, Spartan Games, Dream Pod 9, Victoria Miniatures and Ainsty Casting.

Again new items for all ranges: Hail Caesar Praetorian Cavalry

Napoleonic russian Line Infantry for Blackpowder:

New vehicles for Bolt Action, the Flying Standard 10 “Tilly” truck and armored US Jeeps 

And finally, a bunch of previews for the Pike&Shotte range:

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Mantic Games

Mantic Games showed the contents of the first Warpath army deals and the Fate of the Forgestar starter set. Furthermore they released pictures of the Forgefather Hero and his Marauder counterpart:

 –> More Mantic Games News

Spartan Games

Again nice previews from Spartan. First the prussian “Gewitterwolke” (Storm Cloud) Airship and the Empire of the Blazing Sun Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro for Dystopian Wars:

And then, not one, not three, but a whooping six (!) new Destroyer designs for Firestorm Armada, like the Aquan Prime Stingray Class:

Bane Legion is on a roll, they not just stirred the rumor mill by hinting towards a BaneLegion game, they also released another big bad beasty, Keirioc-Cro the Sea Devil:

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Dream Pod 9 announced a new faction for Heavy Gear Blitz called NuCoal:

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Bushido, a new fnatasy skirmish, is gathering momentum, and that is completely justified if you look at miniatures like Araka, the Slave of Yurei:

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Wargames Factory published several previews of their new 28mm Ashigaru for their new feudal Japan range:

I mentioned that it’ sonly a good article if it features pirates? Well, not directly pirates, but amazing ships from Ainsty Casting!

This Man-o-war is 17″ long!

Victoria Lambs is not just a very, very good sculptor and painter, she’s also selling very interesting conversion sets for WH40K like this Penal Legion set through Victoria Miniatures:

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And finally, Khurasan Miniatures released an interesting new 15mm set, modern SEAL DEVGRU operators:
And as usual, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby! 

So, that’s again quite a nice lot, isn’t it? I love both the Penal Legion and the pirate ships, but sadly I hav no real use for teh later. Or have i? 🙂


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