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40K: Name that Plural! – The Winners

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Nov 18 2011

Several days back you were asked to come up with some Collective Nouns for the famous and infamous units in Warhammer 40000, You all didn’t disappoint!

The rules of the challenge are listed at the bottom of the page and the best entries (selected by us) are listed below.  Now remember, use these anytime you play and write!  You have all just made the game funnier!

Collective Noun Winners:
– Venoms: A Douche (8); A Baker’s Douche (9)
– Chimeras: A Wreck (6)
– Razorbacks: A Spam (3+)
– Purifiers: A Scrote (4); A Full Bathhouse (6 Scrotes) ~Max psi-cannons are required in all cases

– Nob Bikers: A Jerk (10); A Circle (5 Jerks)
– Lootas: A Theft (15)
– Battlewagons: A Convoy (3+); A Filthy Truckstop (A Convoy with max Deffrollas)
– Long Fangs: A Mouthful (6)

– Grots: A Killpoint (10)
– Chaos Spawn: An Enigma (10)

– Sororitas: A Devotion (10)
– Termagaunts: A Litter (30)
– Vespids: a FAIL (any number)

The Original Submission Guidelines
You however MUST use the following format so everyone can follow along (just cut and paste it):

I hereby put forward the following suggestion for consideration. The plural form of  [INSERT UNIT NAME] shall be a [PLURAL NAME], and shall be composed of [ INSERT #] models. 

(next sentence is optional)
Additionally, a full [SUPERSET NAME] shall be composed of [INSERT #]  [PLURAL NAME]s.  Thank you for your consideration.

~ Remember, language is defined by its users.  Use them often!


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