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40K RUMORS: Chaos Legions Nibbles Continue

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Nov 22 2011

You can’t keep a good rumor down.  Here’s the latest on Chaos Legions.

via Warseer’s: ghost21 (we love ya mystery man – or lady)

there will be 3 chaos dexes as far as im aware, legions, renegades n daemons

now daemons will appear in the legion dex but not those awful lesser things they are now… im not sure about greater daemons… however if you are doing a legion list its based on “black legion(or the generic list)” or one of the others

legions – whats there ?, lots

world eaters with bolt guns you say… yeah there there

expect very powerful characters here (they are 10 Milena old)… my favorite is the overpowered red angel… now he IS angry

ill say this there are havoc’s for marked legions

though each legion will get something unique to them, from force organization to individual units to hqs, for example night lords n world eaters can only have 1 heavy support but get other boni


remember huron has quite decent kit, so expect something like a 2nd ed list for him. also, in some ways picking a legion will restrict you, there are allot of chaos characters already in fluff so expect most to return, plus a few new faces

whos the star of the show huh?… now that is something ill hold onto for a while

6th ed codex will be hardback

and i didnt see a named warsmith, only the dark mechanicus guy

i have to say im excited for chaos, there is allot allot of inspiration from the 3.5 dex, with warsmiths, dark apostles n the alpha legion rules well lets say they have a dual command structure

~The drip, drip, drip continues… You can see the previous Chaos Legions rumors here.


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