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40K RUMORS: Necron 2nd Wave Coming Soon

Nov 10 2011

Just as with Dark Eldar, Necron reinforcements are said to be just around the corner.  Lets check out the details.

via 79hastings69 (and eldargal)

Couldn’t see this on the thread (although I didn’t go through every page!) early next year youll be getting a second wave of Necrons – entries in the codex not covered by this release, 4 vehicles, a walker and 2 aircraft, also new tomb spiders IIRC.

With Tau said to be in the March slot filled by Grey Knights this year, that would put that second wave arriving in either January or February.  Either way, just we saw with Dark Eldar, this would be another continuation of the new Games Workshop pattern of rushing an armies new units to market instead of trickling them out over years as they did with IG and Nids.  Now the WHY of the policy is open to debate…

Have at it.

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