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40K Rumors: Tau and Chaos Latest

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Nov 1 2011

Hmmm, some interesting talk making the rounds around the tubes regarding the purported upcoming Tau and Chaos codices…

via Warseer’s Ghost21

Regarding Tau:

…the demmiurg are there as are a bizzare race, the vespid get 2 slots, and the kroot get an aditional

…well if you insist, 1 hq 1 troop and possibly 1 other unit

…the preliminary rules make demiurg equal to banshees in combat?… without the scream thing though

…ok one more the demiurg ancients , think of them as cranky old wise men who saw the imperium in its infancy they had seen the eldar come n go, n thought it was another decadent empire… though they normally take hundreds of years to make a decision… the tau have something special the demiurg like

Regarding Chaos:

…the first thing i have to say is that there are 2 chaos books planed
one more renagade based the other legion based the legion one will be that, dudes who are 10000 years old kicking ass n taking names


there “may” be a inquisitor who’s gone bad but really expect new guys in the renegade one. its lost and the damned influenced… but it has other options….

“Chaos Legions as an uber-elite army, probably comparable to Grey Knights in that regard?” –  YES

“and a second book that deals with Chaos Renegades, that includes Chaos Guard, or might even focus on non-marine chaos?”YES

…little horus?…. you could be onto something

~If the Design Studio is on their toes, and the Chaos Legions book IS about the surviving ass-kicking Legionnaires, then they only have about 20 Horus Heresy novels to pull characters from.  I’m drooling in anticipation.  Who do you want to see walking the 40k Battlefield along with Abaddon and the old favorites?  The Lounge thread on this topic is here.

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