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40K RUMORS: Tau Latest

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Nov 18 2011

So lets step a back and take a look at where we are on Tau Empire.  Here’s what’s doing the rumormill rounds now:

via warseer’s TastyFish

Here’s the juicy latest stuff:

Tau Updates
New SC “Iceheart”

Crisis suits have been completely redesigned (not just recut sprues and ankle tweaks), less boxy and including a ‘morphic weapon’

New sniper suit

Shas’O get a stealth armour option, may be an experimental suit like Shadowsuns, or the experimental suit might be a third option

Allies and Auxiliaries

Vespids get two slots (unknown if this is an additional two, or two overall). Kroot get an additional unit

No Knarloc riders,though perhaps something big (new WFB monster-szied) for the Kroot


Maybe minor psychic powers for Shapers or Shaper like character this is something Ghost has heard from other people and not stated directly

Demiurg have 1 HQ, 1 troop and maybe 1 else. Presumably the Elite choice mentioned elsewhere

Demiurg ancients are a thing Probably HQ, but could also be the elite unit

Possible Demiurg elite choice

Wave 1 Minis
4 box sets, and 4 blisters in wave 1

Demiurg plastic box
Battlesuit plastic box
Vespid plastic box(?)
Assault transport(?)

Demiurg ancient blister
New Tau SC blister

BoLS Lounge

~Now the interesting thing is there is talk of there being TWO 40k codices sneaking out before 6th Edition hits.  If this is the last one, then what’s the other?  We’ve been hearing its another Marine book, but who? Also interesting that Tau rumors are beginning to flow like sweet honey, while the other codex remains completely shrouded… Enjoy.

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